Have you met… Mike Bergeron?

“Have you met” is a bi-monthly get-to-know-you interview with a different PSG employee with the goal of showing the public just “who” PSG is!

Have you met… Mike Bergeron?


  1. Give us the rundown – where were you before you came to PSG and tell us about what you’re doing now.

I have been a recruiter since graduating college. I was working at a Boston-based RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) provider. An RPO is basically a third party recruitment team that companies can outsource their recruitment needs to.  I worked on many different Fortune 500 clients while I was there. If we want to go back even further back, my first job was gutting fish on Cape Cod!

Currently a Senior Staffing Manager at PSG. I work with one primary investment client on various types of financial, operational, and investment roles.


  1. What do you find to be the most challenging piece of the work you’re doing?

Finding the perfect blend of what the candidate and the client are looking for. Being a recruiter is kind of like being a matchmaker. Both parties need to able to provide what the other is looking for and be a personality match. Some matches are much more difficult than others!


  1. What motivates you to do your best work every day?

Being a recruiter means you can change someone’s life! Getting a candidate that offer in time to make their next mortgage payment or helping them launch their career in the field of their choice feels amazing. To paraphrase Hall and Oates, we make dreams come true!


  1. What was your dream job when you were a kid?

An archaeologist. I was always in the backyard with a plastic shovel, digging for dinosaur bones. I eventually grew out of it. After watching Ross in Friends, I have no regrets.


  1. What is the one piece of career advice you received growing up that you swear by?

During the application process, you’re going to face rejection. Sometimes is will feel like an insurmountable amount of rejection. Just keep your head up and get as much interview feedback as you can. Get better and nail the next interview!


  1. Any special talents?

Hmmmmm…I already mentioned the fish gutting. I love karaoke and acting as well. Both served me well in getting over nervousness on the phone and in being loud in general.


  1. All-time favorite meal? Like last meal ever meal!

Bacon cheeseburger, steak fries, Cape Cod Blonde Ale, and an Oreo milkshake for dessert. Maybe a side of bacon as well…


  1. What book are you reading? TV show you’re binge watching?

Book: I’m finally reading Dune by Frank Herbert. There’s a movie coming out in 2020 of it and I need to read the book first. I’d also recommend any true nerd read Ready Player One  by Ernest Cline before seeing the movie version. The book is vastly superior.

TV: I’m just starting Amazon’s new show The Boys. It’s a violent take on the collateral damage of superheroes, unchecked power, and pop culture fatigue. All up my alley!

Have you met.. Christine Cuddemi?

“Have you met” is a bi-monthly get-to-know-you interview with a different PSG employee with the goal of showing the public just “who” PSG is!


Have you met… Christine Cuddemi?


  1. Give us the rundown – where were you before you came to PSG and tell us about what you’re doing now.

I have a bit of a curved path for my career. After graduation, I worked in higher education. Then I switched back to science/healthcare so before PSG, I worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at a major Boston hospital. I had wanted to change careers and industry for a bit, so I reached out to PSG for help. They discussed with me that everything I was looking for within higher education, I could find in staffing!

I am now on the Central Interviewing team, where I get to meet all kinds of people and help them in their job search. I love it!


  1. What do you find to be the most challenging piece of the work you’re doing?

The most challenging piece of this job is not being able to connect with a candidate. PSG has many resources and opportunities to help, sometimes I can reach out and offer all these resources but not everyone is as receptive to that help. But I’ll keep trying regardless J


  1. What motivates you to do your best work every day?

When I can help one of my candidates gain back their confidence! I understand how frustrating the job search can be (I was in it not too long ago!) and I also know the benefits that PSG can offer. When I can help a candidate find the confidence and motivation to continue their search and find that right fit, it is a win for me.


  1. What was your dream job when you were a kid?

Funny story: I dreamed of working in an office! Not a specific job though. I really liked visiting my Dad at work because I had my own desk set up and would pretend to solve “problems” on the computer!


  1. What is the one piece of career advice you received growing up that you swear by?

Don’t settle for something that you are not passionate about. My parents always support me and have told me to “follow my gut”, even if that means uprooting the path you thought  you were on. It is ok to change your mind, just push to achieve what you are passionate about, which may take a few unplanned turns to find.


  1. Any special talents?

No talents for me! I did play the flute for 10 years, so that’s pretty cool!

But one of my “talents” is that I can talk to or connect with almost anyone, which I take into my passion for volunteering.


  1. All-time favorite meal? Like last meal ever meal!

Pasta! I am a true Italian and carb lover


  1. What book are you reading? TV show you’re currently binge watching?

Current book: A Spark of Light – Jodi Picoult (my favorite author!).

TV Show: I have so many! Current obsessions: Orange is the New Black, Queer Eye, American Ninja Warrior.

7 ways the Celtics started the Journey from “Good to Great”

book celtics

If your organization is anything like mine best practices come from books and inspiration comes from life.  Right now I have to admit I am pretty inspired by the Celtics (spoiler I know they lost, I blame the refs).  I grew up watching the Celtics in a house where my older brother sported the ‘21’ jersey on every team he ever played on and my Dad still bets 21 when playing his luck at roulette (can you tell we love Kevin Garnett?).  Recently I read Good to Great by Jim Collins and wanted to share my takeaways on how the C’s are on the road to greatness, and how I apply that to my everyday job.


  1. 1. First who, then what. The Celtics are a young team and hopefully have many more seasons to develop together.  They invested and took a chance on new players and it paid off.  Before you can think of winning you have to have the right people in place.  Elongating the hiring process to get that next star instead of settling is well worth the wait.  It’s important to decide who you can train and what skills the person needs to walk in with.


  1. Culture of discipline. The team stayed focused throughout the season and had the maturity to maintain their confidence. The consistency allowed them to persevere throughout the season and make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.  The same can be true for work.  Success isn’t always a straight line and you have to work through the unexpected bumps to keep moving forward.


  1. Confront brutal facts, but never lose faith.  The C’s were down two starters this season. The rest of the bench had to step up and lead the way. The reality for the team was that it was going to be a tougher season and was going to be a long journey to the finals. Instead of throwing in the towel, they banded together and made the changes needed to be successful. We do this all the time at PSG, we make data driven decision and sometimes that data doesn’t stack up in your favor. If we didn’t look at the facts, we wouldn’t know what we need to fix and move forward.


  1. The flywheel effect. Would I have loved to watch the Celtics crush LeBron in Game 7? Absolutely.  Am I still happy with how the season turned out? You know it.  The Celtics had a great season and went farther than expected.  They played as a team and rightfully earned a spot as a top team to watch for next year. They will come back ready to win. They started the flywheel that will keep going into next season.  Every day I try to build better practices that will build on each other to start my own flywheel.


  1. Level 5 leadership.  What I love most about watching the Celtics this season was watching Tatum become a true force on the team.  The Rookie proved you don’t have to be the coach or a returning player to set the tone for the team. Tatum at 20 years old played with determination and humility that lead the team to the finals. Leadership comes in all forms, but I want to take a second to focus (*humble brag*) on the leadership team at PSG. Our CFO and CEO don’t even have an office; in fact, Aaron Green, our CEO, doesn’t really even have a desk!  Aaron chooses to sit where he’s needed, to support when he’s needed.  To me, that is true leadership.


  1. The hedgehog concept.  Other than being completely adorable, hedgehogs do one thing really well: protect themselves. They may not be the fastest or smartest, but if under attack they curl up and their spikes come out.  The idea of being the best at one thing and not average at everything is one that carries from the court to the office.  To me, what makes the Celtics fun to watch is their team work.  No one player dominates and they work as a group. Their spike is that they are all able to carry their own weight. Being an industry expert and owning a section of the market allows you to focus your resources to truly band together and become great. My personal goal? Be the hedgehog of candidate experience.


  1. Tech Accelerators.  Alright, this one may be a reach. Basketball might not be the most tech savvy, but this is the method from the book I try to implement in all aspects of my life.  Collins talks through the concept of pause- think- crawl- walk- run (for the Celtics maybe it’s more crawl before you ball?) and specifically applies this when deciding on new technology. The team has to implement this ideology when strategizing how to match up with a competitor just like any businesses has to do when making a big decision. Your initial reaction isn’t always the best and it’s worth it to take the time needed to be informed.


Inspiration comes in all forms, what’s currently pushing you from good to great? Comment below to help spark inspiration for others!


The Best Time to Look for a Job

Job seekers stymied by the ‘summer slow-down’ can take heart: your in-box will start buzzing again soon.

PSG’s President Aaron Green recently shared his thoughts with Boston.com about the best and worst job-seeking ‘seasons.’  However, while some periods may be slower than others in some industries or at some firms, Green advises that the best time to look for a job is “when you need one.”

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