PSG and the Candidate Experience

It was May of 2018 and I was stuck.

My supposed “dream job” had not panned out, and I found myself sitting at my kitchen table, large iced coffee in hand, skimming through job posting after job posting – a familiar place for a lot of folks out there.

I came across the website for Professional Staffing Group (PSG). Since I wasn’t looking to dive headfirst into a new role without truly understanding what it entailed, and I felt like my job search was going nowhere fast, I liked the idea of exploring temporary work. Being someone who asks a zillion questions, though, I knew I needed to learn more.

So, I submitted a job app assuming it would get sucked into the black hole job apps went to die (you can tell I wasn’t really setting my hopes that high).  I was surprised when PSG sent back a response THAT DAY to set up a time to meet me via video interview (score).  When the morning of my interview came (got to choose the time and day which was a plus), I woke up bright and early, jogged to the corner to grab iced coffee #1 (can you tell I like iced coffee?) and returned home to throw on my most professional little black dress and blazer. I ditched the heels though, since I knew there was going to be much more flexibility interviewing over video – what’s better than networking from your living room in slippers at a time that works with your schedule?

I connected to ZOOM, which was much easier to get on than I had expected, around ten minutes prior to my interview (current candidates take note).  I started to panic…

How would this go?

Just as I was in the midst of a potential mental crisis and practicing my enunciation techniques (red leather, yellow leather, toy boat, toy boat), the PSG recruiter connected to the video on the other end.

There was an energy that reached all the way through the screen!  The recruiter introduced themselves, and we connected immediately. They were friendly, knowledgeable, answered all of my queries, laughed off our one minor technical difficulty and knew just the right questions to ask to get to know my experience and what I was looking to do next. This is hard to do, especially when you’re talking to someone who is just starting out in the working world, with not a single clue what the future holds! They were also genuinely interested and invested in my career and assured me that PSG would be there for me to help any way they could.

Over the next few weeks I was in constant contact with PSG, reviewing new job descriptions and opportunities with engaging and thoughtful recruiters, getting assistance with my resume and cover letter, discussing upcoming interviews in prep calls, getting feedback and, to everyone’s surprise, actually ENJOYING my job search.

If you find yourself stuck like I was a little over a year ago, take a page from the book of someone who has absolutely, totally been there – connect with PSG. You’ll find your next position in no time, and I know it will be a great one!

Caroline Fay is a former PSG candidate turned PSG employee and was eager to tell her story!


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