PSG Sponsors NEHRA’s Annual Diversity & Inclusion Gala, Student Scholarships

PSG was once again proud to sponsor the annual Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA) Diversity & Inclusion Gala. At the Gala, which was held last week, PSG awarded scholarships for Boston students.


The PSG Scholarship was awarded to Bill Zhou, a senior at Boston Latin School, who led students in calling on the Massachusetts Code of Conduct for student discipline that is more fair and more respectful of students’ diverse backgrounds.


PSG was also part of the selection committee that chose Juliana Pena as the Blue Beacon Scholarship Winner, which is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Juliana was honored for her community service work to integrate students with special needs, low incomes, and minority backgrounds.


In this short video, Bill Zhou inspires us with his work to identify opportunities and work for change: 


Hear Juliana Pena explain the motivation behind her long hours spent creating a more inclusive community: 

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