PSG’s Aaron Green Joins CEO Panel on Gender at Work

PSG President Aaron Green was honored to participate in a panel discussion on gender pay equity at the recent New Hampshire Women’s Leadership Summit, held annually and sponsored by the New England Women’s Leadership Institute (NEWLI).


The panel discussed the gap in pay between women’s and men’s salaries, which nationally is 88 cents for women vs. $1 for men and in New Hampshire is 78 cents per dollar. Panel members discussed efforts to equalize pay, including the challenges facing organizations, leadership competencies necessary for enacting change, and encouraging women to ask for raises more often and to ask for larger raises. (Women typically ask for raises one-quarter as often as men do and typically ask for 30 percent less money in their raise.)


The New England Women’s Leadership Institute (NEWLI)’s mission is to educate professional women in the areas of Leadership, Vision and Values. Each year NEWLI hosts the Women’s Leadership Summit to raise awareness of the personal and professional capacities and skills needed by women to advance in the competitive and changing world of the 21st century. This regional event is aimed at women in both personal and professional growth and in optimizing heir career choices now and in the future.


Along with PSG’s Aaron Green, other members of the CEO panel included: Gary Chynoweth of Dyn, Inc.; Tiffany Eddy of FocusFirst Communications; Carl Famiglietti of Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico; and Tom Raffio of Northeast Delta Dental.


CEO panel discussing 'Gender at Work' at the 7th annual Women's Leadership Summit

CEO panel discussing ‘Gender at Work’ at the 7th annual Women’s Leadership Summit


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